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Client Testimonials

Lisa, Age 40, Carstairs, AB
Lost 10 pounds & 8.4 inches in 4 weeks
"It's easy- the trainers tell you the exercises, the recipes are simple and tasty and easy to adapt to families. I love the way my energy has increased. I play so much more with my kids!
Lisa says she is most proud of her, "Increased confidence and my pants are getting loose!"

Audrey, Airdrie, AB
Lost 15lbs & 20.4 inches and has been participating in the program since April.

"Inches 'Away' has a friendly staff that is interested in me and my success. I have received one-on-one coaching and piles of encouragement. I have also met other clients who share their experiences. This has been rewarding to me since I was new to Airdrie. We all encourage each other! Besides the balanced physical workout of exercise and weight training, we have the added option to receive nutritional guidelines to help us reach our goals. Scheduling my appointments around my work schedule has allowed me to be successful!"
Audrey says "I am stronger, healthier, have more energy and because of this program am able to be more efficient and confident in my work!"

Michelle, Airdrie, AB
Lost 13.6lbs & 4.9inches
"I have been participating in the program for 3.5 weeks. The consistency and the accountability for you to show up. The positive energy while you're here is awesome. I am proud of myself for making the commitment and sticking to it. I look forward to coming every night!"

Shelley, Age 56,Airdrie, AB
Lost 7.5lbs & 3.5inches in 5 weeks
"I feel healthier and stronger!"

Loree, Age 40, Carstairs, AB
Lost 20 lbs & 15.2 inches in 7 weeks
Loree says "I love the people and have made great friends. I am most proud of myself and my progression. I feel great coming here and I can't wait to see myself in a year! Chris our trainer rocks and keeps us motivated!"

Tammy, Age 34, Airdrie, AB
Lost 13.2lbs & 3.7inches in 5 weeks
"I love everything about the program, the coaches the support and motivation I receive. I am proud of how hard I'm working, how clothes are fitting differently on me. It feels really good when family and friends tell me how great I look!"

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